Minimalism in 90 Days Update – What Got Unpacked the First Week

When I read about Ryan Nicodemus’ “packing party” and 21-day minimalism project, I was curious to know what got unpacked during those 21 days. In case anyone is curious about what I’ve unpacked since moving into the condo, I thought I’d share what I unpacked in the first week.

The number of boxes has remained unchanged but the amount in each box is dropping.
The number of boxes has remained unchanged but the amount in each box is slowly dropping.

Day 1 – October 11th

  • Nail kit (I broke a nail unloading groceries)
  • Bath towel, hand towel, wash cloth, bathmat
  • Mattress pad, sheets, comforter, pillows
  • Phone charger and extension cord
  • Rosie’s bowls, Kong toy, scoop, and food
  • My prescription pills and check sheet
  • Paper towels
  • Swiss Army knife (This is stored in my utility box under my bed so everything that was in that box is under my bed now)
  • My dirty laundry and laundry basket
  • Keychain for my mailbox key
  • 3-hole punch (I had to file a receipt. I treat my file cabinets and files like furniture so they were already in place)
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Laptop, cool pad, power strip
  • Measuring cup, spoon, soup mug, food storage containers, cutting board, knife, cup
  • T-shirt, sandals, hoodie, pajamas
  • “If you’re not fucking up, you’re not in the game” sign and 2 magnets
  • Sponge, hand soap
  • Coffee pot
  • Library book
  • Everyday toiletries
  • Night guard

Day 2 – October 12th

  • Sugar bowl and canister
  • Coffee mug, 2 spoons, cup, knives, bowl, baking sheet, plate, fork, pot holders, glasses,
  • Blender
  • Camelbak and bike lock
  • Rosie’s travel bag, car harness, ear wash, and nail trimmer
  • Bear figurine (dust collector but I like it)
  • Scanner
  • Mug to keep pens in
  • Sunglasses, shorts, t-shirt, cycling clothes
  • Family photo
  • Boombox and cassette (b/c I’m old-school like that)

Day 3 – October 13th

  • Knife, bowl, 3 spoons, measuring cup, food storage container, and sandwich bags
  • Zippy, t-shirt, socks, and underwear
  • iPod, headphones, and webcam
  • Backpack
  • Highlighter
  • 10-pound weights and resistance band

Day 4 – October 14th

  • Running clothes, zippy, t-shirt, underwear, socks, jeans, Converse sneakers, and tank top
  • Knife
  • Stapler and scissors

Day 5 – October 15th

  • Mug, 2 spoons, bowl, plate, salt and pepper, fork, can opener
  • Running clothes, pants, tank top
  • Painters tape, printer ink, shredder

Day 6 – October 16th

  • Spoon, food storage container, plate, fork, kitchen towel, and cup
  • Safety pin
  • Running clothes, pants, 2 tank tops, dress shirt, underwear, heels, bra, and jacket
  • Hand lotion, eyeliner, and lipstick

Day 7 – October 17th

  • Spoon, knife, plate, fork
  • T-shirt, socks, underwear
  • Calculator, stamps, and file folders
  • Gift certificate for trapeze lessons
  • Swiffer
  • Toothpaste
  • Rosie’s extra blanket
  • Hand towel

So basically at this point most of what I unpack day-to-day is related to food consumption and clothes. I’m getting better at remembering where each box is and what’s in it (thankfully they’re well-labeled) but I still feel like a fumbling idiot when I’m in that corner of the condo looking for something.

I did laundry and ran the dishwasher last weekend so now the closet and cupboards are starting to look like a person lives here.

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