Day 48/90 – Self-Reflection

Day 48 of the 90 Days of Awesome is in the bank! What made today awesome? I did some self-reflection about what’s important to me.

I need to get out and sweat more.
I need to get out and sweat more.

Today was somewhat of a pensive day. After a long week at work, I have almost nothing planned this weekend except for a few errands and a nap today. I generally don’t do well with too much unstructured time, so I started to get antsy after I woke up from my nap this afternoon. I know I needed the rest, but I also think I need to put more energy into my personal life. In general, I do a crappy job when it comes to making plans for the weekends and my social life in general. And to be honest, I need the weekend to recharge so I can’t be a weekend warrior, nor do I want to be; however, seeing my friends and doing things that make me happy and feel productive are important to me.

I watched the film Do More with Less, a documentary about the Pacific Crest Trail this afternoon. The filmmakers traveled the trail and talked to other hikers along the way about their journey. The priorities of these hikers are very simple: water, food, shelter, safety, and miles. I loved watching their adventure. Like them, I prefer to keep my life as simple as possible. Watching their journey also reminded me that it’s important to me to always be physically active.

I was a gymnast for 17 years and I have yet to find a hobby that fills the void left by that sport. I’ve tried swimming, fencing, going to the gym, hiking, biking, and running. And it may be that there will be no one thing that will be a suitable replacement, but it doesn’t change the fact that I need to stay active. I am happier, calmer, and more focused when I get out and sweat on a regular basis. One of the challenges of living in the desert is there are few hours of the day when it is cool enough to work out outside. There is a half marathon coming up in November. I think I might use that as motivation to be more active this summer.

Tonight, I took a short walk around my complex as the storm was rolling in. Even though it was warmer outside then my air-conditioned condo, I loved being out in the fresh air. I need to do that more often.

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