• SALK Day 117: Happy Birthday John!!

    My classmate, Linda, sponsored a day to give special tribute to her husband, John.

    John is a retired attorney and the patriarch of a family of attorneys, and thus, he has put his birthday celebration “on hold” every year for the last fifteen years because it would interfere with someone’s law school finals.  His three children and two son-in-laws are attorneys, and now his beautiful wife will soon join the ranks of the legal community.  John’s passion for the legal profession and for helping people has inspired everyone around him to follow in his footsteps.

    Happy birthday to a remarkable and genuine man who his deeply loved by his entire family.  May your day be filled with joy.

    Photo courtesy of Linda Day

    Sponsor A Law Kid is my endeavor to pay for my last semester of law school. Today’s sponsor is Linda Day.  For more information about Sponsor A Law Kid or to see what days are still available for sponsorship, visit my Sponsor A Law Kid page.

  • ASU Law Awesome Awards

    I have been lucky to have some amazing professors during my time at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University.  With graduation approaching, I polled my classmates and asked them which professors deserved awards for their excellence in teaching or dedication to students.  These are the results:

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    Best In-class Quotes: Andy Hessick
    I took a class from him two years ago, and I still remember, “When someone cuts off your face, you don’t get your face back. You get money. It’s a substitute.”

    Best Open Door Policy: Chad Noreuil
    I don’t know how many times I popped by his office hours to vent, get advice, and re-gain some perspective on life.  He always said that he was there for his students, and you knew he meant it.

    Best Comedian: Doug Sylvester
    He explained concepts brilliantly and he always did it in a way that made me laugh.

    Best Heart-to-Heart Talks: Judy Stinson
    She is the best person to talk when you need a conversation about law school or life without the professor-student relationship getting in the way of her awesome advice.

    Best Rants: Michael Berch
    You never knew what he would say next.  Every class was a jaw-dropping performance.

    Best Professor for Showing Students the Big Picture: Bob Clinton
    Taking his classes hurts your head because you have to understand the historical and social issues that correspond to the legal issues in each case.  It makes his classes challenging, but you get more out of them.

    Most Dedicated to the Student Experience: Shelli Soto
    She is devoted to helping students make the best of their experience at law school & celebrates the student perspective.

    Most Knowledgeable: Tom Williams
    The man knows everything about everything from policies to professors.  He’s also the best person to sit next to at an event because he knows Berman’s speeches so he’ll know when they’ll be over.

    Biggest Heart: Charles Calleros
    It only takes one conversation with him to know how dedicated he is to his students.

    Awesome Adjuncts: Larry Cohen, Troy Foster, Andy Halaby, Bill Richards, & Anne Tiffen
    These professors are known for their incredible knowledge base and for providing a valuable real-world element to their courses.

    Most Dedicated to Helping Students Achieve their Dreams: Michael Bossone
    When I was a 1L, his entire job was helping students achieve their dreams.  Even after he left the law school, he was always there when we needed his encouragement or guidance.

    Honorable Mentions: John Becker, Marianne Alcorn, Chuck Dallyn, Amy Langenfeld, & Mary Sigler

    Thank you all for you energy and dedication to the graduating class of 2011!

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  • Photo by Adam Almaraz

    I love these types of flyers.  They always make me smile.  I am trying to add as much joy to my last days of law school as possible.  I’m so excited to be done.

    Improv Arizona got its hands on this Lionel Richie flyer a few weeks ago and hung some up around the Mill Avenue area of Tempe.  I decided to bring the Lionel Richie love to the law school on Tuesday morning.  I hung two of these up on bulletin boards in classrooms in the law school on Tuesday morning.  I didn’t see anyone reacting to it while I was in class, but later the responses to my friend’s picture of the flyer on his Facebook page showed that people enjoyed it.

    I was a little bummed that both flyers were gone by Wednesday morning.  I guess professors and future lawyers, as a whole, don’t have much of a sense of humor.  Thankfully I found one of them in a recycling bin and put it back up.

    If you want the Lionel Richie flyer, Improv Arizona has a linked to it on their blog.