SALK Day 10 – Donna McGill

Today’s sponsor is Donna J. McGill, a freelance writer from southern Mississippi.  She stumbled onto my website while she was doing legal research for another project.  When she read about my campaign, she wrote an article about Sponsor A Law Kid, a sponsored a day herself.

McGill has been a writer for two decades.  She writes and ghostwrites web content, newsletters, e-books, manuals, and articles for companies across the United States and around the world.  She has provided content for over 150 websites and has rewritten ~65 websites.  She has written 22 e-books and countless articles.  Her projects are known for being original, thoughtful, and precise.

McGill understands that not everyone is business is a compelling writer and can create content that draws people to their websites.  She offers effective material at affordable prices.  She can be contracted to write on a  regular and indefinite basis.   The topics she writes about are vast and diverse: legal issues in the U.S. and the UK, employment trends, politics, ballet,  home furnishings, realty, hurricanes, and more!

McGill has the ability to tailor her work to fit the needs of her clients.  Some pieces have a conversational tone where her southern charm shines through and other projects are technical and straightforward.

When she’s not writing for her clients, McGill writes her own blog that gives insight into southern living and her take on human nature.  It gives people a glimpse into another way at looking at everyday occurrences and national news.  Working from home, McGill seems to have a happy comfortable life.  I’m not saying she lives in a lap of luxury without a care in the world; however it seems she knows how to take things in stride and focus on what is important – like family.  I have a mental picture of her sitting on her patio, typing on her laptop, with a Diet Coke close at hand and spending her evenings and weekends enjoying the company of her family.  Be sure to watch for Donna McGill’s name on Amazon and on bookstore shelves.  She’s on the final edit of her first novel and already conducting research for a second one.

For more information about Donna McGill and her services, please visit her website, her blog, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Sponsor A Law Kid is my endeavor to pay for my last semester of law school. Today’s sponsor is Donna McGill.  For more information about Sponsor A Law Kid or to see what days are still available for sponsorship, visit my Sponsor A Law Kid page.

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