SALK Day 117: Happy Birthday John!!

My classmate, Linda, sponsored a day to give special tribute to her husband, John.

John is a retired attorney and the patriarch of a family of attorneys, and thus, he has put his birthday celebration “on hold” every year for the last fifteen years because it would interfere with someone’s law school finals.  His three children and two son-in-laws are attorneys, and now his beautiful wife will soon join the ranks of the legal community.  John’s passion for the legal profession and for helping people has inspired everyone around him to follow in his footsteps.

Happy birthday to a remarkable and genuine man who his deeply loved by his entire family.  May your day be filled with joy.

Photo courtesy of Linda Day

Sponsor A Law Kid is my endeavor to pay for my last semester of law school. Today’s sponsor is Linda Day.  For more information about Sponsor A Law Kid or to see what days are still available for sponsorship, visit my Sponsor A Law Kid page.

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