SALK Day 130: Art by Kerry Mitchell

I met Kerry Mitchell last year at Podcamp AZ when he attended my session on copyright basics.  He sponsored a day to promote his artwork.  I thought he might be a painter or a photographer.  Nothing prepared me for the experience that is his artwork on his website.

At first, I was captivated by the vibrant colors he often uses – electric pinks, blues, reds, purples, and golds.  As I looked closer at his pieces, I noticed the beautiful intricacies of his designs.  I do not know how he creates these gorgeous works, but I love them.  Mitchell has created hundreds of works of digital art.  These are some of my favorites.

Ascension:  This was the first piece that caught my eye.  At first it reminded me as a seashell but it drew me in when I saw the detailed repeating swirl patterns.  Every time I look at it I see another aspect of his art that I did not notice previously.

Blues in the Night:  This piece reminds me of the night sky in the darkest of night as it is seen in rural areas where the city lights do not drown out the dimmer stars.  I think this is one of the most majestic pieces he’s done.  It has a lovely balance of power and peace within it.

Compared to What?:  Mitchell said this piece was inspired by the song “Compared to What” as performed by Les McCann and Eddie Harris.  It’s a delightful song and Mitchell turns it into a beautiful mix if purple, gold, and pink.  I would happily turn an entire wall of my future office into this piece.

Mitchell’s prints are available for purchase in sizes ranging from 8”x10” to 24”x30”.  Larger prints are available upon request.  Many of his works deserve to be displayed in larger form so you can take in all the dynamic elements that make his work so remarkable.

Sponsor A Law Kid is my endeavor to pay for my last semester of law school. Today’s sponsor is Kerry Mitchell.  For more information about Sponsor A Law Kid or to see what days are still available for sponsorship, visit my Sponsor A Law Kid page.

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