A Week Without TV

kill your tv by philentropist
kill your tv by philentropist

I love gymnastics. I watched all the artistic competitions this year during the Olympics. Part of NBC’s failure this year was they barely gave notice about which sport they would be showing next and how long we’d have to wait to see it. So, I spent hours sitting in my chair waiting for my beloved sport. I felt like I was wasting so much time sitting there.

I enjoy TV. I always have a handful of shows that I watch pretty consistently.  But my experience with the Olympics inspired me to see what would happen if I gave up TV for an entire week, starting yesterday. For 168 hours, I will not watch TV, DVDs, or any mindless programming on YouTube.

I often use TV or TV shows on YouTube as background noise. I like to watch it during lunch and at the end of the day to unwind. It will be weird to have to find something else to do during those times. I wonder if the quiet will make me uncomfortable or if I’ll substitute it with music or podcasts.

I have friends who don’t have TV or rarely watch it. I’ve wondered what they do instead. So what am I going to do instead? I have some ideas . . .

  • Attend networking events and community meetings
  • Read – I used to love reading, but reading for law school made me not want to read as much for pleasure
  • Work out
  • Get ahead on my blog posts
  • See my friends – especially those who took the July Bar Exam
  • Clean out my drawers – my plan this year is to get rid of things I don’t use or need
  • Create videos for my law firm
  • Gardening – The evenings are the best time to do this because it’s cooler and there are fewer bugs
  • Go to the movies – Going to the theatre seems ok since I have to leave the house to do it and it’s something I rarely do
  • Sing – It’s something I don’t do enough
  • Sleep – I think sometimes I watch TV when I’m tired when I’d be better off taking a nap or going to bed early

Of course I will have a countdown going to track how many hours I have to go. This will be a fun experiment. I’ll let you know how it went next week.

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