Day 1/90 – New Engine Mounts

Day 1 of the 90 Days of Awesome is in the bank! What made today awesome? New engine mounts in my car!

I <3 My Car
I <3 My Car

My car’s name is Lily. (Yes, I named my silver car “Lily.”) She gets me where I need to go. She’s completely paid off – and Toyota can stop asking to buy her back because I’m going to drive her into the ground. It’s a great car for Rosie and me.

I take my car to the dealership for regular maintenance where I only work with Ed. Ed gets me. He and I have an understanding that he’s not allowed to up-sell me on anything. We talk about what my car needs and what extra maintenance we can put off until the next visit. He probably understands that I’m a bit high strung so he does what he can to get me in and out of the dealership as fast as possible. I hope Camelback Toyota understands how freakin’ awesome he is.

Last winter, Ed told me my car’s engine mounts were wearing out, which is why my car shuddered a bit at stop signs. Today was 5,000 miles later so I bit the bullet and remounted my engine. It was a pricey fix, but given that I plan to drive this car for another 200,000 miles, it was worth it.

I have a very happy car – purrs like a kitten.

I’d say this is good start to my summer.

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