Day 12/90 – 26 Blocks

Day 12 of the 90 Days of Awesome is in the bank! What made today awesome? I got to see the 26 Blocks exhibit.

26 BlocksI was at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Phoenix on to do legal mentoring with attendees at the BALLE conference (BALLE = Business Alliance for Local Living Economies). I had some free time between appointments and as I wandered around the hotel, I noticed the sign for the 26 Blocks exhibit.

26 Blocks is an art exhibit that paired up 26 photographers with 26 writers. Each pair was given a block of downtown Phoenix and told to share part of that area’s story. The result: an art exhibit of 26 photographs with 26 written works and to tie it all together, a sculptor created a cube-based sculpture for each pairing. Here’s one of my favorites:

26 Blocks pairing


26 blocks sculpture

I’m glad I got to see this exhibit – it gave me a new perspective on part of my city. I’d wanted to see the exhibit when it first opened but I was unable to attend that night, and since then I’d forgotten about it until I saw the sign at the hotel.

In case you missed it: Day 11 of the 90 Days of Awesome – My Last Lecture.

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