Day 33/90 – Breakfast with Jeff

Day 33 of the 90 Days of Awesome is in the bank! What made today awesome? I got to have breakfast with one of my best friends, Jeff.

Jeff & Ruth - Two Cheesy Geeks at Breakfast
Jeff & Ruth – Two Cheesy Geeks at Breakfast

I met Jeff Moriarty at the inaugural No Pants Light Rail Ride in 2009. We stood next to each other on the train and we were instant friends by mid-ride. I’ve been calling him my partner-in-crime ever since. We’re also known for organizing flash mobs and other shenanigans in the valley. I love his bold thoughtfulness and the fearless way he executes new ideas like Ignite Phoenix and the Phoenix Ultimate Geek Smackdown.

Back to breakfast – we met at Snooze, one of the most are some breakfast places in Phoenix. I thoroughly enjoyed my sweet potato pancakes. Our conversation was probably nothing that would interest anyone but us – just two friends catching up over a meal. Ok – maybe there was some talk about future shenanigans, you are not privy to that. But otherwise, it was pretty mundane. It was the perfect way to start a holiday weekend.

I suspect some people think my life is always exciting. One of my friends once asked, “Do you ever have a dull day?” The answer is “Yes,” and to be honest, it’s often the most pedestrian activities that make me the happiest. I will take a stress-free meal with a good friend where the hardest decision I have to make is which awesome pancake do I want any day.

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