Day 51/90 – Crazy Week

Day of Awesome . . . Day of Awesome . . . what can I say about Day 51 of the 90 Days of Awesome?

I love my land seal of a dog.
I love my land seal of a dog.

It’s already been a crazy week, and it’s only Tuesday! I am so tired my eye is twitching – and I mean it’s been twitching since this morning.

I am having a crazy week at work. I’m glad I get to the office a few hours before everyone else because it’s the only time I can dedicate big blocks of time to a project without being interrupted by email and phone calls. I’m grateful that I have a docket full of cases to work on and I talked to prospective clients every day by phone and email. It is humbling to know that these people are looking to me to help them with their problems.

Despite all the awesome things I get to do at the office, the highlight of my day was sitting on the floor tonight and petting my basset hound. Her life is as simple, and I’m dedicated to making sure her life is awesome. She helps keep me grounded and focused on what really matters – which is the people and the relationships in my life. She takes such joy in the little things that it reminds me to appreciate simple pleasures as well.

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