Day 81/90 – Simple Pleasures

Day 81 of the 90 Days of Awesome is in the bank! What made today awesome? I didn’t hurt myself when I kicked Rosie’s bone.

Rosie Loves her Rawhide Bone!
Rosie Loves her Rawhide Bone!

Today was pretty unremarkable. I’ve been really tired of this week so I opted not to torture myself by going for a run this morning. I went to the office and cranked on client work all morning before attending a CLE for women lawyers about having “true grit.” I don’t consider myself to be someone who has any issues in this area, but I went to the CLE (1) to meet other cool lawyers and (2) because it was free. I will admit, I was underwhelmed by the program but the more neophyte lawyers seem to appreciate it.

So what made today awesome? To be honest, the best thing that happened today was the fact that something didn’t happen. After taking Rosie for her evening walk, I was walking through the bedroom when I kicked one of her rawhide bones. Thankfully, I was still wearing my sneakers so it didn’t hurt. Have you ever stepped on or kicked a rawhide bone with bare feet after it’s gnarled from your dog chewing on it? It hurts like a bitch! I was relieved when my sneakers spared me from that pain and annoyance.

In case you missed it: Day 80 of the 90 Days of Awesome – I got to talk about my non-traditional legal career with prospective law students.

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