• Day 75/90 – Touring Fox 10 Phoenix

    Day 75 of the 90 Days of Awesome is in the bank! What made today awesome? I got take a tour of the Fox 10 Phoenix station with Jeff Moriarty.

    Some things never change.
    Some things never change.

    Jeff is my partner in crime, and he is also the Director of Social Media for Fox 10 Phoenix. He’s been a bugging me for months to come down to the station for a tour, and I’ve been putting it off, mainly because you never know when breaking news is going to happen and I didn’t want to be in the way. He finally got me down there this week.

    I'm flying!
    I’m flying!

    I got to visit Fox 10 a few weeks ago when I was on Fox News Now, but I didn’t get the full tour of the facility. Jeff showed me all the ins and outs of the station including the back hallways, editing rooms, and the sets where they do the morning and evening news programs. I was really nervous walking through the building, because I didn’t want to touch anything or speak too loudly in case it would disrupt someone’s work.

    The sets for the news were really awesome – they are all in one room. I was intimidated by all the equipment – especially the boom camera and the robotic camera. Yes, they have a robotic camera that can be controlled remotely. Even though they weren’t shooting a show at the time, I was afraid it was going to wake up and move around. Jeff, of course, was comfortable in our surroundings and encouraged me to take pictures on the sets and with the green screen.

    Again, I felt like I was invading someone else’s world, but I’m glad I got a behind-the-scenes look at the station. It seemed like a place where I could become comfortable if I worked there and the things that intimidated me as a visitor could become commonplace equipment and activities.

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  • Day 60/90 – Being on Fox 10 Phoenix

    Day 60 of the 90 Days of Awesome is in the bank! What made today awesome? I got to be on Fox 10 Phoenix’s News Now!

    Selfie in the Fox 10 Lobby!
    Selfie in the Fox 10 Lobby!

    Is this the beginning of my career as a talking head? I hope so!

    I was walking Rosie around 5 o’clock tonight when my phone rang. It was my friend and partner-in-crime Jeff Moriarty. He’s the head of social media at Fox 10. He created News Now at Fox 10 – a live video show that appears on Fox 10’s YouTube channel and Facebook account. It’s pretty awesome. He asked me if I was interested and available in being on the show at 7 to talk about some legal news stories of the day.

    Of course I said, “Yes!” and zipped home to take a shower, put on something presentable, and headed to the station where I met Kinsey Schofield. She’s awesome. She had me on to talk about James Woods’ defamation lawsuit against someone to tweeted that he’s a cocaine addict, the woman who was sentenced to 3 weeks in jail for contempt for her outburst during the James Holmes trial, and Hannah Anderson being deposed for the Jim DiMaggio wrongful death lawsuit. We had a lot of fun bantering back in forth about these stories:

    During this interview I mentioned my YouTube channel where I talk about lots of legal issues and respond to questions from readers. I hope you enjoy it.

    I had an awesome time being on News Now! I hope I get invited back.

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