• Independents Week 2014 – Who’s In?

    I’m excited for Independents Week next week (6/29 – 7/6) and I hope you are too. This is the week where you’re encouraged to spending your money locally. When you spend locally, more of your money stays in the community compared to when you shop at big box stores – a lot more. I participated last year and had an awesome time shopping at some of my favorite businesses in the valley and trying out some new ones too.

    Independents Week is also Golden Coupon week. Members of Local First Arizona will be offering 20% discounts when you shop with a Golden Coupon. (See their site for details and limitations.) Over 260 businesses all over the state are participating. It’s a great reason to try a new place in your neighborhood.

    Golden Coupon 2014

    These are some of the places in metro Phoenix that I’m excited to see are participating. I’m sticking to Phoenix area places because, well, I live here.

    • Arizona Fun Services – where my partner-in-crime and I got our root suits
    • Bookman’s Entertainment Exchange
    • Brand X Custom T-shirts – makes all my custom t-shirts and running shirts
    • Changing Hands Bookstore
    • Nobel Beast – great pet supply shop
    • Practical Art on Central – I’ve never been here but it looks interesting
    • Phoenix Art Museum
    • Write Ons – where I get all my greeting cards
    • Zia Records

    If you’re looking for a new place to eat, there are awesome restaurants that are accepting the Golden Coupon, including:

    • Duck and Decanter
    • Fez
    • Scramble
    • Sun Up Brewing
    • The Dhaba
    • The Refuge

    Some of you might be asking, “How does being a minimalist comport with Independents Week?” To me, being a minimalist means I try to only buy things that add value to my life. I still need to buy things. I think Independents Week is a great reason to pop into places you wouldn’t ordinarily visit to get to know them. (It’s important to me to spend my money locally when I can.) These places might have things that would add value to my life – now or in the future. There’s no pressure to buy anything this week, but if I do, I get a nice discount.

    If you do participate in the Local First Independents Week Golden Coupon program, you’re eligible to enter to win a staycation in Flagstaff. Why am I telling you that? Shop with the Golden Coupon but don’t enter the contest. You’ll be hurting my chances of winning.

    Happy Independents Week! Who’s in?