• SALK Day 52: In Memorium of Jim Wolf

    The gift of Jim

    Jim loved to give gifts. As his wife, I was privileged to be a recipient of various gifts. I’ve listed a few of the highlights that I want to thank Jim for one more time.

    Jim Wolf (1953-2009)

    The gift of family:  When I married Jim in 1982, I gained 6 sisters and two brothers plus numerous aunts, uncles, cousins, parents-in-law and grandparents. While this seemed a bit overwhelming at times, it was truly a blessing as I came to love them all as he did. Thank you, Jim, for the gift of family.

    The gift of Steve:  After 7 years of marriage Jim and I welcomed our son, Steve, into the world and we became a family of our own. Thank you, Jim, for the gift of a son.
    The gift of humor:  Jim had a passion for boats. Big boats, little boats, motor boats, any kind of boat; he liked them all. So, when he wanted a remote-controlled boat but couldn’t justify the purchase, he bought one for my birthday and pretended that it was really for me. Thank you, Jim, for the gift of humor.

    The gift of a godly husband:  At a time when marriages so often end in divorce, we celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day, 2009. Thank you, Jim, for the gift of a godly husband.

    The last gift that Jim gave to me wasn’t really from him, but it was the most precious gift that we shared in our lifetime. You see, when Jim’s heart stopped beating last Saturday morning, he entered immediately into the presence of the God that he loved and served. His desire was that all of you would have that same opportunity to spend eternity in glory. The best gift that we can give him is to make the choice to accept Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior.

    Thank you, God, for the gift of eternal life.

    And thank you, God, for the gift of Jim.

    In memory of Jim Wolf
    June 24, 1953 (Gardner, KS) – February 21, 2009 (Phoenix, AZ)

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