Minimalism in 90 Days Update – What was Unpacked During Week 6

This suitcase was overflowing with clothes a week ago.
This suitcase was overflowing with clothes a week ago.

I am over six weeks into my variation of Ryan Nicodemus’(of The Minimalists) “packing party” and I have yet to go a day without unpacking something. Every time I think I’m going to have a day where I don’t unpack anything I’ll want to watch a DVD I haven’t unpacked or I’ll need a pair of socks – usually something mundane.

It’s started to get colder in Phoenix so I’ve started unpacking cold weather linens and clothes. I’m also being more diligent about unpacking things I know (and I mean really know) I’ll need or want or getting rid of things I know won’t survive the final clean-out.

Here’s what I unpacked during the last week:

Day 36

  • DVD
  • Tall socks and t-shirt
  • Japanese figurine and somersault girl figurines
  • Extra keys
  • Spare change
  • Mug

Day 37

  • Fish bowl
  • Checkbook

Day 38

  • Sweater, slippers, cold weather running shirts, and running tights
  • Brown handbag
  • Rosie the basset hound saved 3 tennis balls from the charity pile

Day 39

Day 40

  • Lipstick
  • DVD

Day 41

  • Thermometer (I have to remember that I don’t have a fever, I have cold hands)
  • Glass cups

Day 42

  • DVD

Items set aside for charity this week: 13 hangers, banker box full of clothes, big blue vase, dog brush, dog toys, 5-pound dumbbells, and plastic party cups.

In terms of the number of boxes and suitcases in the minimalism pile, not much has changed, but the volume of stuff in each one is steadily dropping. I found a few items in the that I inherited from my grandmother in my things that have basically become dust collectors there are no reasons, not even sentimental ones, for me to keep them anymore. So I will be passing them along to various family members when we get together for Thanksgiving.

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