• Day 52/90 – Lunch with Marc

    Day 52 of the 90 Days of Awesome is in the bank! What made today awesome? I got to have lunch with my friend Marc!

    Sorry! I forgot to take a selfie at lunch.
    Sorry! I forgot to take a selfie at lunch.

    Marc Lerner and I met when we were first year law students at Arizona State University. Wow – we’ve been friends for seven years. Time has flown by. Law was a second career for both of us. We were both involved in the Center for Law, Science, and Innovation and we had a few classes together. Studying with him was great – his dining room would be covered with giant Post-It Notes with his summary of the course material. I’m sure his kids learned a lot about the law by exposure.

    Marc and I get together for lunch at Zoe’s Kitchen periodically to catch up (love their Greek Salad!). Today we realized that we hadn’t hung out since before I went on The Undeniable Tour. We need to hang out more often.

    I love seeing my law school friends. It’s not traditional networking; we’re just friends catching up – and we happen to be lawyers. We understand what it means to practice in this industry in a way that outsiders can’t understand, and of course we get to talk about normal stuff too like kids, travel, the future, etc. We don’t have to be fancy; we get to just be people.

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