• So I’m A Little Unconventional…

    I’ve wanted an authentic antique soapbox for a long time.  My goal was to find one that was large enough and sturdy enough to support my weight so I could literally “stand on my soapbox” when I had something to say.  Since I have yet to be successful in finding such a soapbox, a blog will have to do.

    My friend best described me best when she wrote, “She’s funny and does weird things that make people laugh.”  We were in 8th grade when she wrote it but I’d say it’s still accurate today.  I’ve always been the oddball and most of the time, I like it that way. 

    If I had to pick one noun to describe me, I’d say I’m a performer.  I don’t have to be the star all the time, but I strive for excellence in what I do, and I’m not afraid to put myself out there.  As a kid, I was a competitive gymnast.  As an adult, I’m a singer and I organize events with Improv AZ.  Our most recent prank was the annual No Pants Light Rail Ride.  I’m not going to deny it – I love the spotlight.

    I’m also a great big geek.  I studied the hard sciences for years until I couldn’t stand working in the lab any longer.  To this day I still like math, I celebrate science holidays, and yes, I’m a Trekkie.  Currently I’m in my second year of law school with hopes of working in intellectual property litigation (copyrights, trademarks, etc.) after graduation.

    And maybe some aspects of me are a little strange…

    • I can’t wear flip flops because I can’t stand to have anything between my toes.
    • Sometimes I entertain myself by using a fake British accent.
    • I have worn the same necklace almost every day for nearly 13 years.  My friends know not to buy me everyday jewelry because I’ll never wear it.
    • As un-girly as I am, my signature color is pink.
    • I carry a quarter in my purse for the sole purpose of flipping it if I’m having trouble making an arbitrary decision.

    So we’ll see what I have to say.  I get pretty riled up about ideas sometimes so it should be entertaining.  Thanks Jeff for getting me set up with this.

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