• Day 41/90 – Rosie goes to the Vet

    If you want to feel small, walk across the Golden Gate Bridge and look down at the water and see how big all the cables are compared to you. If you want to feel helpless, get a sick dog.

    I didn’t have anything planned for Day 41 of the 90 Days of Awesome, which turned out to be a good thing since Rosie and I spent over two hours at the vet this afternoon.

    Poor Rosie Doesn't Feel Well Today
    Poor Rosie Doesn’t Feel Well Today

    This morning Rosie didn’t have much of an appetite and she was panting and peeing like it was her job. I thought she might have a urinary tract infection. I hate seeing her uncomfortable. I don’t think she slept all morning.

    Thankfully our vet was able to get us in the same day. I love that they’re open seven days a week. The vet diagnosed her with an ear infection in both ears and they collected samples of her blood and urine for additional testing. They are testing her for a urinary tract infection, diabetes, and Cushing’s disease (which can result from her glaucoma meds). We could have results from those tests as early as tomorrow.

    They sent us home with two different ear drops which are making her significantly more comfortable. She still has no appetite, but she isn’t peeing as often, and she’s sleeping comfortably on the floor of my office as I write.

    Was today awesome? No. However, the part that was awesome was I was able to see that my baby needed help and I was able to provide it with the help of her medical team. I thought it was very sweet when they took her in the back to draw blood and urine, I could hear another vet and I think some techs gushing over Rosie. They remember Rosie from earlier this year when she was in a lot for her glaucoma and eventual eye removal.

    In case you missed it: Day 40 of the 90 Days of Awesome – AA Meeting Under the Stars.

  • Adventures with Sick Rosie

    It’s hard being a dog parent. When your baby gets sick, they can’t tell you how they feel. I feel helpless when she’s uncomfortable because I can’t fix it instantly. My rescue basset hound Rosie and I have been on rollercoaster with her health lately.

    Rosie's Pills
    Rosie’s Pills

    A few weeks ago I came home and caught Rosie up on the couch (bad dog). When she jumped down and lay on the floor I noticed she was breathing kind of hard. That was odd because I didn’t think I surprised her that much. I let it go and went on with my day. About an hour later I checked on her and she was still breathing hard. That wasn’t normal so I called the vet and got her an appointment within the hour.

    Rosie's Pills in Peanut Butter
    Rosie’s Pills in Peanut Butter

    The vet said her lungs and heart sounded good and she was oxygenating well so we decided on wait-and-see approach. She said to bring her back if she got worse or exhibited new symptoms – like lack of appetite. That night she wasn’t very hungry. I put her to bed with the thought, “Please still be alive in the morning.” The next morning she wouldn’t eat at all so we zipped back to the vet for a 7:30am appointment.

    Rosie Eating her Pills in Peanut Butter
    Rosie Eating her Pills in Peanut Butter

    The x-rays showed systematic lung inflammation so we ran blood work. By the end of the next day, she was on a steroid, an antihistamine, and an antibiotic. This was Ruth and Rosie’s first joint adventure with pills. Let me tell you, she doesn’t like them. She put up a fight when I put them in the back of her mouth and held her jaws shut. It took three attempts to get them all down the first time. Thankfully one of my fellow dog parents recommended putting her pills in peanut butter. That fixed everything and it’s really cute to watch her lick peanut butter off the spoon.

    The steroids make her really thirsty so instead of drinking a bowl of water every day, she’ll drink a bowl of water every 4 hours. All that liquid has to go somewhere and there have been a few accidents while I was out of the house and during the night. Thankfully she does it on the tile where it’s easy to clean.

    Of course when you can’t breathe, you can’t go for walks so we had to stop walking completely for a few days and now we’re doing short walks every other day until she’s totally better and gets her stamina back. I’m sure her doggy friends miss her.

    I noticed she was adjusting her blankets into a ball and laying her head on it sometimes. I thought that might have made her more comfortable to keep her head and spine in alignment. I tried to make things easier for her by adding a pillow to her bed. She pushed it out of her way and ignored it.

    Rosie will be done with all of her meds this week, but there’s a chance she has valley fever. She tested low positive for it, which means she’s either had it or she just got it, and since she’s a rescue dog, I don’t know her full history. We’re going to re-test her white blood count when she’s off the antibiotics. If it’s still elevated, we’ll treat for valley fever.

    It’s amazing how easily we fall in love with our pets and how heartbreaking it is when they hurt. I can’t wait for my baby to be well again.

    Sleepy Rosie
    Sleepy Rosie