Undeniable Recap of 2022

2022 was a crazy busy year for me. The best moments were the ones I got to share with people I love. Here are some of the highlights:

I’m an Ironman!

I will never forget how it felt to run across that black and red carpet and raise my arms as I crossed the finish line while Mike Reilly said, “You are an Ironman!”

The first 7 months of 2022 were centered around training for Ironman on top of training throughout 2020 and 2021 when my race was cancelled due to COVID. It was a bit surreal to see this dream come to fruition, well until I felt the pain throughout my body.

In just over 15 hours, I swam 2.4 miles, biked 112 miles, and ran 26.2 miles. Even though I was in top shape for my race, it hurt to do anything once I finished that race.

I regularly reflect fondly on my Ironman experience. My race day bracelet is still on my wrist, and I’m planning to get my M-dot tattoo in the spring of 2023.

Crossing the finish line at Ironman Lake Placid: 15:21:42

Volunteering at Aimee’s Farm Animal Sanctuary

Starting over a year ago, I spend at least one morning each week volunteering at Aimee’s Farm Animal Sanctuary. For those few hours, I’m nobody’s lawyer. I just get to be a person, and that’s more than enough.

I love being part of the Farm Family – comprised of its humans and its animals. It’s so sweet when the animals trot up to us for pets, and it’s rewarding to help give them a loving home. And I love working with my fellow volunteers.

Periodically, I get to invite a friend to volunteer for a day, especially when they seem to need a break from reality, and let them experience the joy that comes with working in this healing place.

Kissed by Zobe the zebu cow – she is soft as velvet!

Connecting with Friends at CMWorld

Content Marketing World (CMWorld) is the best conference I’ve ever attended, and since I’ve been attending and speaking at it since 2015, I’ve become part of the CMWorld family. One of my happy memories from this event says, “Hanging out w/ CMW friends, feeling like I belong.”

I’m sure I was always seen and loved by my CMWorld family, but I think this year, I didn’t feel that insecurity that usually makes me feel like I don’t measure up to my peers.

I also let myself have more fun this year. I went on the 6am Running Club runs, accepted dinner invites, and of course, had Boy Band day with JK where we both rocked our orange pants. I was so sleepy silly by the end of the conference, I had to send myself to bed because I was starting to sound drunk even though I was stone cold sober.

Going to CMWorld also inspired me to get back into writing again – no expectation, just write and see what I’m compelled to create.

CMWorld Speakers Party!
Orange Pants!

Rebranding to Geek Law Firm

Throughout most of 2022, and I’ll be finishing in 2023, I’m doing a massive rebrand. I rebranded Carter Law Firm to Geek Law Firm, got a new site for The Undeniable Ruth, and I have one more site that’s still being built. This rebrand was something I’d contemplated for a while, and it feels good to get back into writing and with sites that better fit with who I am right now.

Hat Tip to Dina Miller at Mood for creating my new logo!

Loving Life with Lucy Jane

Lucy Jane and I are each other’s emotional support animal. I would not be surprised if I have an Emotional Support Human t-shirt by the end of 2023.

Lucy Jane is such a sweetheart, giving loves to all her hooman and dog friends. I bring her breakfast and bed each morning, and then she snuggles next to me under the covers as I read my book and drink my coffee. When I get home from a workout, she licks the salt from my sweat off my face and shoulders.

I took Lucy to the Content Economy Expo (CEX), and the staff made her a special name badge. Networking is super easy with a basset at my feet – all the dog lovers come to me!

See more of Lucy Jane every Friday on my Instagram.

Lessons Learned (or Re-learned)

Do not stand at your desk for 90 minutes when you can’t remember the last time you raised your sit-stand desk.

My short-term memory sucks.

Lucy prefers 1:1 puppy playdates over going to the dog park.

The term “kid gloves” refers to baby goats, not young people.

Shave your arms before working at the farm, otherwise your stubble will be Velcro for dust.

The pharmacist at Target will not let you administer a flu shot to yourself.

When someone enters a religious order, part of the vow of poverty includes signing a legal document where they give up ownership to any intellectual property they might create.

Even with Trazodone, Lucy is still vocal and wiggly when getting her nails trimmed.

Don’t walk into a muddy pen at the farm in flip flops.

Fun day – we assembled my friends’ 12-foot skeleton named Cal Sium.

Firsts in 2022

Scanned a QR code

Baked a yeasted bread from scratch

Took Lucy to a dog park

Mounted by a zebu cow

Struck from a pink-letter arbitration

Purchased an autograph at Phoenix Fan Fusion

Bought the photos from a race – IM Lake Placid

Bitten by a pig

Volunteered at an Ironman event (70.3 and 140.6)

Walked 3 dogs at one time

Got COVID (hopefully the only time I’ll get it)

Completed the non-binary trifecta – birth certificate, driver’s license, and passport!

Needle in a Haystack Moment – Meeting a friend of a friend at IMAZ

Celebrity Sightings

Dan Pink

Kate Mulgrew

Hasan Minhaj

I was so giddy when Aunt Kate smiled at me.
Love this guy!

In Memoriam

Humans: Gilbert Gottfried, Slique Callahan, Mike Poulton, Nichelle Nichols, Cy Rovie, Olivia Newton-John, Gray Ray, Edgar Marcoux, Louise Fletcher, Angela Lansbury, David Mario, Gordon Stedman, Robbie Coltrane, Isaiah Shepard, Jeannette Black, Leslie Jordan, everyone who died in the 647+ mass shootings in the U.S. in 2022

Critter Friends: Norman Takaha, Althea Takaha, Chaquita Takaha, Miley Pflughaupt, Sophie Neighbor, Ivy Takaha, Fabio Takaha, Minnie Sellers, Christopher Takaha

Matching Hooman and Hound Hoodies!

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